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This is an open community for Metal-heads in Melbourne. A place to plug gigs, discuss gigs, tours, tour rumours, tour rumours, more tour rumours, reviews, fashion tips (bring back spray on black Fabs!), beer, intelligence, more beer, beer (the vomiting of), CD's, DVD's, demo's, the AC/DC special on Rage, your best mate Wazza's stoner rock cones session last Friday, Australian Metal & basically ...all things metal.

Membership is open, & not precluded to Melbourne locals. The scene here is brutal, but it just doesn't get enough recognition. This community is intended to tilt that balance. If you live anywhere in Australia, or the world, & are interested in what's going on in the hotbed of the Oz metal scene, you're welcome to join, contribute, keep it friendly, & mock us gently.

    The following links may be of interest to community members
    (Note : maintainer is currently updating links - more to come!)

    gig guides
    Beat Magazine Online - Online incarnation of weekly street rag

    regular events
    Hammerheart Metal Thunder Every Thor's Day @ Ding Dong Lounge, Market Lane, City. FEATURES LIVE BANDS.
    Ragnarok, Thursdays @ Megabar, CNR King & Flinders St, City. NO LIVE BANDS.
    Screamers Monthly Event @ Dream, Queensberry St, Carlton. Check weblink for up-coming dates. FEATURES LIVE BANDS.
    ON HIATUS - The Rock House. Hopefully will return.

    web zines
    Australian Metal Guide.
    Buzz Magazine - Online incarnation of the Monthly Melbourne street rag.
    LOUD online - Australian Metal.
    Melbourne Metal Page.
    MIA - Metal In Adelaide.
    Primal Agony
    Season's Decay
    Soundz of Blasphemy - Queensland Metal Zine
    Western Front - West Australian Metal

    'Musically Incorrect' 102.7 3RRR Melbourne - 8pm-10pm.
    'Full Metal Racket 3JJJ Nationally, 11pm.
    'Screaming Symphony' - power/progressive - 3PBS 106.7 Melbourne.
    'The Red Stink of Metal' - metal - & 'Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment' - grindcore - 3PBS 106.7 Melbourne
    'Necronights' 3INR FM Melbourne.
    'Burning Bitumen' - Stoner - 106.7 3PBS Melbourne.
    FLOATING - the program varies every few months, but there are usually some metal shows broadcast on SYN FM. Check out their program guide regularly for updates.

    Apocalyptor Records & Arts - Distribution label, specializes in rare Death/Thrash/War/Black.
    Blood Harmonic Records – Damon Bloodstorm’s Label.
    Crestfallen Records - Arty Doom leanings.
    Decius Productions - black & death metal.
    Dissident Records - Brisbane based extreme label.
    Dr.Jim's Records.
    HighBeam - Newcastle based Label leaning toward Stoner & Stoom.
    HighVoltage - label featuring eclectic Grind, Stoner, & Death.
    Invictus Productions - Irish label with Australian signings.
    MetalWarriors - Melbourne based power/progressive promoters.
    MiM - Modern Invasion - promoters, label & the importers of... everything.
    Obsidian Records.
    SHOCK Distribution.
    Roadrunner Australia.
    Rotten Records


    Oz festivals
    Chaos In Croydon.
    Destruction Of Oz. - Sadly Cancelled for 2003.
    MetalWarriors Fest.
    Bloodlust Fest (Sydney)
    Metal For The Brain - The Annual Festival.

    Metal Mayhem - totally devoted to Metal
    Missing Link (leans towards punk, but has a decent metal section & worth checking for second-hand)
    Au-go-go (good for LP's, second-hand & Oz & NZ releases.)
    Rare Records, St Kilda.
    Sinister – An on-line retailer.

    metal venues, & recoveries
    The Armadale.
    The Arthouse.
    The Barleycorn.
    The Central Club.
    Cherry Bar.
    The Corner.
    The Duke Of Windsor.
    The Empress.
    The Espy.
    The Evelyn.
    The Green Room.
    The Hi-Fi.
    The John Curtin Hotel.
    The Metro.
    The Palace.
    The Pony.
    The Prince Of Wales.
    The Rob Roy.
    The Tote.
    The Town Hall Hotel.

    online groups
    Aussie Metal on My Space.
    Australian Metal Underworld on My Space.
    Soldiers Of Metal Australia on My Space.
    Australian Hardcore on My Space.
    Melbourne-Metal Yahoo Group.
    Metal Goth.

    other livejournal communities
    & WAIT!! THERE'S MORE!!!
    communities related to Melbourne.

    Melbourne Citysearch.
    Melbourne Pubs.
    Visit Victoria.

    This site is a member of Australian Metal Heads Webring.
    To browse visit Here.


    Please Note: This community is a forum for Heavy Metal music. It is not a forum for racism, sexism or homophobia, & Livejournal has policies against that sort of thing, so be intelligent & keep it friendly.

    Community Moderated by cheerselfears & deathsgoddes only when absolutely necessary (non-metal posts, ridiculous off-topic posts, Spam, or the above-mentioned racism, sexism or homophobia will be deleted ASAP. Remember the golden rule: don't shit where you live.) Please don't Spam the community for static events (eg. weekly clubs with no live bands or special industry/community events), or the same thing repeatedly. (By now we all know Switch has a NYE thing on.)

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